Bridging the cultural gap
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In order to go global, you have to go local!

Next-level game localization

International markets are key to success. After all, there is overwhelming evidence that players prefer localized videogames. Check out the local store in any country and you will see that a large percentage of the top 20 are localized titles. Therefore it's no wonder that a lot of revenue comes from localized versions. There is one trick though: they have to be localized well. Poor localization just doesn't cut it, players quickly lose interest and disengage.

MediaLoc is here to help you break down the language barriers and get access to a wider user base through effective localization. Far from a generic localization company, we have years of experience in the industry and that valuable niche market knowledge. Our team of experts breathe games and will produce content which will truly speak to your users in their own language and will engage them with your product, helping you drive downloads and sales. We translate languages and cultures for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best, developing amazing products.

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Some of the amazing titles we have already taken global

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Game localization

Harness all the potential of foreign markets and reach a much wider audience with the help of our videogame experts. Localizing your game will truly be child's play.

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App localization

Users are much more likely to download your app and engage with the content if it's in their local language. Tap into foreign markets and increase the revenue of your company.

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Game localization

Marketing localization

Do you need to advertise your game/app in foreign markets? Want to feature at the top of the app store? Or engage your users?

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MediaLoc cultural awareness

Cultural advice

Are you unsure what markets you should take your game or app to? Would you like an assessment of the content for suitability in a particular market? Talk to us.

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VR and AR localization

Serious games, VR and AR

Do you have a gamification or VR/AR application you'd like to discuss? Our team of experts can help you speak to your users in their own language.

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