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10 tips to increase revenue through localisation
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High-quality translation is the fastest way to increase your sales abroad

According to an article published in PoundSterling LIVE, SMEs could be making up to £48bn more a year in export revenue if it wasn't for language barriers. Similarly, it is a known fact that customers are willing to pay more for products that are advertised with, or contain, high-quality translations, as they give the impression of being a quality product.

MediaLoc is here to help you break down those barriers and get access to a wider customer base through effective localisation. We are a localisation company based in Manchester (UK) specialised in culturally-sensitive material, such as games, app and website localisation, marketing abroad and cultural advice. We utilise only the best high-quality, experienced native speakers, who produce content which will truly speak to your customers in their own language and will engage them with your brand, helping you increase your business worldwide. We translate languages and cultures for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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Games localisation

Harness all the potential of foreign markets and reach a much wider audience with the help of our videogame experts. Localising your game will truly be child's play.

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App localisation

Users are much more likely to download your app and engage with the content if it's in their local language. Tap into foreign markets and increase the revenue of your company.

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Website localisation

Do you need to advertise your products or services in foreign markets? Communicate with and engage your customers? We can help you grow with culturally-adapted content.

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MediaLoc cultural awareness

Cultural advice

Do you want to maximise your potential in foreign markets by knowing their particularities and business etiquette? Do you need to adapt your brand ? We can help.

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Tailored services

Do you have any particular translation or localisation requirements that you would like to discuss? Get in touch and we can prepare a tailor-made solution for you.

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