7 reasons why you should localise your mobile app/game

In an increasingly mobile world, it has become more important than ever to be able to reach as many users as possible in order to remain competitive. Localisation can play a very important role in your global strategy, and these are the main reasons why you should localise your mobile app/game now.

  1. Visibility. Over half of the apps are discovered by searching in the app store, so it’s crucial to adapt your keywords by researching the terms users look for in their local markets, rather than translating keywords literally. After all, if users can’t find your app/game, they won’t download it!
  2. More downloads. Once the users have found your app/game, the description will play a big part on whether they choose to download it or not. A compelling and relevant description written in the local language will help drive more downloads.
  3. Increased engagement. Providing localised text that sounds natural in the target language will improve greatly the user experience and will drive engagement and brand trust.
  4. Direct interaction with your customers. By localising things like push notifications, vouchers, offers and promotions, and adapting them to the preferences of the local market, you can interact with your customers directly and keep them interested in the longer term.
  5. Increased market share. The more languages you localise into, the more markets you will be able to access and grow into. Your biggest market could be one you haven’t discovered yet!
  6. Your competitors are already localising. Many of the world’s top developers are already localising, as they know how lucrative it can be. By localising your app/game, you won’t be left behind, and will have a competitive advantage over any company who is not leveraging the benefits of localisation yet.
  7. Increased revenue. A report by App Annie shows that around 50% of the countries within the Top 10 for downloads and revenue in the App Store are non-English speaking countries (80% of the Top 5 in the case of Google Play). Over 40% of app revenue comes from Asia, over 30% from North America and over 20% from Europe. By accessing more markets and getting more downloads, your revenue will increase significantly.

Given the benefits of localisation, it’s not difficult to see why so many companies are already localising their apps and games.