MediaLoc is a language service provider based in Manchester (UK) specialized in game localization and app localization. We believe that every gamer and every app user has the right to enjoy the product in the same way no matter where they are or what language they speak. They should be able to engage with it and enjoy an immersive experience, without that dissonance feeling that a poor or awkward localization creates. We also believe that your game and app deserve the best-quality localization which is going to help you connect with your users.

That is why we help you reach more users and increase your sales by producing content which not only sounds natural, but makes your audience feel it was specially created for them. We don’t just translate words, we break the cultural barriers and address your audience in a way that is suitable for the target market, whilst keeping the identity of your game and app. That way, you can truly speak to your users in their own language.

  •   Results for you:
  •   ✓ Expand your user base.
  •   ✓ Access new markets.
  •   ✓ Communicate with your users
    more effectively.
  •   ✓ Improve user engagement.
  •   ✓ Increase your sales.

Silvia Ferrero


MediaLoc was founded in 2008 by Silvia Ferrero, a professional Spanish translator based in Manchester (UK) with over 14 years of experience in the localization of videogames, apps, marketing and websites for some of the best-known companies and localization agencies in the world, as well as 5 years of experience working in the localization department at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. As a localization expert, guest lecturer, published writer, frequent speaker at translation and localization events and former Chair of the North-West Translators' Network, she has the right expertise and knowledge to lead MediaLoc and help your project succeed.

Why MediaLoc:

MediaLoc game localization app localization

Specialist knowledge

Our team of experts have got years of experience in games localization and app localization, and they know the industry and the terminology inside out. They regularly play games and use apps themselves, which means that they are able to produce high-quality content that sounds as if it was written in the target language, thus engaging your users and helping you perform much better in the territories. Save money by getting your localization right from the beginning, avoiding expensive retranslation, re-recording and bad feedback due to poor localization.


We work with a wide variety of clients, from some of the largest and best-known studios in the world to even solo developers. Our ample experience means that we understand the challenges and limitations that indies face in the industry, and how daunting it can be for them to choose a localization partner. For that reason, we have streamlined our process to make it as simple as possible, so you can concentrate on what you do best, developing amazing games and apps. We also help you plan your localization to keep it budget and schedule-friendly.

MediaLoc game localization app localization

MediaLoc game localization app localization

Marketing that works

We also offer marketing services to complement our game localization and app localization services. By working with us, your marketing will not only be consistent with your product, but will also advertise it in a way that sounds appealing and makes the reader want to buy it. Forget awkward-sounding store descriptions or websites that don't truly reflect the nature of your game or app, our marketing translations will connect with a whole world of gamers and app users, so you can spread the word and get more sales.

Our customers come first

A lot of customers find it very frustrating to deal with large localization companies, due to the impersonal and slow response. MediaLoc is a boutique provider which prides itself in developing relationships with its clients. We care about your localization projects as much as you do and want to see you succeed. For that reason, you will always have a dedicated project manager who knows your project and your requirements and can answer any queries promptly, rather than passing messages back and forth between different members of the team. No wonder our customers keep coming back to us.

   MediaLoc game localization app localization

MediaLoc game localization app localization

Worry-free localization

We know the pressures you face when handling a localization project into a wide range of languages in a limited timescale. After all, we have been doing this for years. We also understand that everyone is different, so each client or project can have different requirements. Our flexibility allows us to adapt our services to your particular needs and cater for the unexpected, whereas our expertise and know-how in game localization and app localization lead us to complete every project successfully and on time, taking care of every aspect, so you can get on with your day.

Relax through submission

The members of our team have got years of experience in game localization and app localization, both as translators and as testers. We are extremely familiar with the naming conventions of the different platforms, as well as recommended guidelines. This means we can ensure the content meets the requirements and is fit to pass the submission process the first time, so you can relax knowing there won't be any nasty surprises.

MediaLoc game localization app localization