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App localization is the best single strategy you can use to maximise your app's distribution and revenue potential across the world. When checking the Top 20 apps in the App Store of any country, it soon becomes evident that a huge majority of them are in the market's native language. Or in other words, users overwhelmingly prefer localized apps. Several market research studies, like those published by Distimo, now part of App Annie, clearly show that around 50% of the countries within the Top 10 for downloads and revenue in the App Store are non-English speaking countries (80% of the Top 5 in the case of Google Play). Over 40% of app revenue comes from Asia, over 30% from North America and over 20% from Europe.

Given these compelling statistics, it is no surprise than more and more companies are choosing to localize their apps.

So you have spent months working on your app. You have perfected the well-thought-out design, taking care of every single detail. You have carried out the necessary market research procedures to analyse your target audience and hit the right tone and format that will engage them the most. And you have probably adopted a variety of pre- and post-launch market strategies to ensure your app is a hit.

Now you're considering localizing your app into several languages to tap into the huge potential of foreign markets, but are unsure how to go about it. Of course, every country is different and what works in one market might not necessarily work in another. How can you know you're using the right tone and engaging users in a completely different culture?

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That's where MediaLoc can help. Our experts have got years of experience in the app localization industry and they have translated numerous apps. They only work into their native language; after all, you would want the text to sound completely natural. But more importantly, they are both masters of the written word and experts in their own culture, so they can produce creative translations that will appeal to the target market, hit the right tone with your customers and engage them across all markets. From dealing with space restrictions in the menus to writing compelling store descriptions that will drive more downloads, we got it covered. And if you're unsure about what markets and languages to target, we will be more than happy to advise you.

Whichever your app monetization strategy (paid, freemium or paymium), let us take care of your app localization in order to attract a wider audience, and ultimately achieve more downloads and a higher revenue for you.

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