Cultural advice

In today's multicultural and globalised marketplace, it has never been more important to be culturally aware. Knowing the particularities of the markets you want to target helps you not only communicate more successfully with your customers and business partners, but also fulfill their expectations in a much more meaningful way and increase customer satisfaction. Yet many companies struggle when deciding to take their products and services abroad. They might be unsure about what markets to target, they don't know how to create a successful exporting strategy or they dread making a cultural faux-pas. Some other companies are not even aware of the cultural differences between markets and go as far as unintentionally offending their business counterparts and then wondering why the deal fell through, or not realising why their product is not doing as well as in their home market.



At MediaLoc, we can help you break down these cultural barriers by providing you with all the information you need to target each market successfully. We can carry out market research activities in order to identify what markets will be most suitable for you. We can advise you on cultural issues and business etiquette so that you feel much more confident when approaching business prospects or partners. Adapting your style to their expectations will immediately give you a competitive advantage and will allow you to negotiate more successfully. And we can help you tap into foreign markets by addressing your prospects and customers not only through high-quality translation that sounds natural, but also by making the right content choices that will engage them in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Brand research

Have you developed a brand name that you would like to take abroad but don't know if it will work? Do you fear that the word might mean something different in another language? Are you unsure how to go about transliterating the name in other alphabets? No problem, MediaLoc is here to help.

Multicultural brand research doesn't need to be a difficult process. We have a wide range of cultural experts who live in their own countries and are extremely familiar with their cultures, including fast-changing things like slang or trends. Our research will provide you with extensive feedback about aspects such as potential associations of names, colours and images, and suitability for the target market, so you can avoid any cultural pitfalls and maximise your presence abroad. When a brand is not necessarily suitable for a particular market, we can suggest alternatives so you don't have to worry about going back to the drawing board. And we can also find a transliterated solution that will work for you in those markets that require a different alphabet. 

Combine our world-class translation and localisation services with our cultural advice and brand research services and you will have the key to unlock the full potential of foreign markets.

MediaLoc cultural advice

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