Cultural advice

In today's multicultural and globalised marketplace, it has never been more important to be culturally aware. In the game localization and app localization industries, cultural particularities can affect your product in a number of ways, which is why we offer cultural advice services to our clients to help them overcome these issues. Some are basic aspects, such as converting measures and number formats, or changing the names of the characters to suit common names in the target culture.

Cultural advice game localization

However, cultural references go beyond the words. It could be a song played in the background that is not appropriate for a particular culture on religious grounds, a joke that is going to be totally lost due to very different ideas of what is humorous, or even a world map that is offensive in a particular country due to a different conception of history. Most of these problems can be difficult to spot unless you know the target culture inside out, but could spell disaster for your game or app. MediaLoc's cultural advice services let you rest easy knowing that cultural experts with years of experience in game localization and app localization are assessing your content carefully and flagging any potential issues before it's too late.

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Being aware of these cultural particularities and adapting the game or app to the local culture helps the users go beyond understanding the content and truly engage with it on a more meaningful level. However, before getting to this stage, we find that a lot of developers are unsure about what markets they should take their game or app or what languages they should localize into. MediaLoc's cultural advice services can also help you determine what markets will be a better fit for your product and what languages are more likely to help you increase your downloads and, therefore, your revenue.

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