Game localization

Game localization is a very powerful tool for game developers. It can take your game global and hugely increase your revenue. It's not without reason that at least 50% of games revenue comes from localized versions. Several market research studies, like those published by App Annie, clearly show that gamers overwhelmingly prefer localized videogames. A large percentage of the Top 20 games for downloads and revenue across the different markets in the App Store and Google Play are in the local language. And the situation for other platforms isn't much different.



Given this huge potential, it is only natural that you would want to localize your game. After all, you have probably spent weeks or months (if not years!) developing it, and you want it to do well across a range of markets. And of course, the additional revenue in an important factor. However, in order to be effective, game localization must be carried out carefully. The game must feel like the original. Things like sayings, idioms, humour and cultural references must be adapted in order to provide the same immersive experience to all players. It's all about engagement. And that implies much more than just translating words.

For developers who are not familiar with the localisation process, this can seem a bit daunting. But don't worry, MediaLoc is here to help.
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We have years of experience in the game localization industry. All our professionals are passionate about games, so the terminology and style required for this type of work comes naturally to them. Our team covers a wide range of skills that can adapt to the particular requirements of your project. For example, some of our professionals specialise in the technical terminology characteristic of car racing and simulation games, whereas others have got an outstanding creative flair that allows them to reproduce to perfection the distinctive language of certain characters, such as those in RPGs or fantasy games.

And they know their cultures inside out, so they can adapt your game in a way that is most suitable to the target culture, but without losing the spirit of the original. After all, you have spent a long time writing your game, so why risk ruining it with some stilted dialogue, awkward translations or plain intelligible text?

  •   Results for you:
  •   ✓ Reach more players.
  •   ✓ Penetrate new markets.
  •   ✓ Increase your downloads and in-game purchases.
  •   ✓ Improve player engagement.
  •   ✓ Increase your turnover.
  •   ✓ Create a more immersive experience for all.
Our extensive experience providing game localization services means that we can handle some of the most technologically and linguistically-challenging aspects of videogames localization. In addition, we are experts in cultural issues and can provide guidance and advice so you can integrate localization from the very beginning and achieve the best results for your videogame. We can assist you realise the full potential of foreign markets and potentially double your revenue.

Do you have an AAA console game that needs localizing? Perhaps a freemium mobile game, with a store description that needs to be copywritten in order to drive downloads? Or do you need any advice on what languages to localize into or what markets to approach? Whatever your project, we have got it covered.

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