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Game and app website localization

Your website is an important marketing tool and your window to the world, which allows you to reach a wide spectrum of users from all over the world and provide information about your games and apps, as well as your company. You have probably spent a long time perfecting its design and finding the right marketing messages to drive sales of your products. However, all this effort could easily be wasted with awkward translations that will be meaningless to your users. MediaLoc's team of games and app experts can help you engage your users and ensure they know where to find your products, and most importantly, make them want to buy them!

App store optimization

Developers know only too well how difficult it can be to get their title to the top of the app store. When it comes to game localization and app localization, it is even more challenging. Many developers consider a translation of their keywords and descriptions, but this approach fails short of achieving effective results. MediaLoc can increase the visibility of your games and apps by researching the appropriate keywords in terms of relevance, traffic score and difficulty score, as well as optimizing your descriptions effectively so that they get the best results but also engage the players and make them want your product.

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Game marketing localization

Marketing material

MediaLoc can also help you localize any marketing material for your games and apps. Whether you need a press release or a trailer, or even the packaging and manual of your title, our dedicated team will ensure all the content is consistent with your product and conveys its true spirit. Forget about awkward and stilted translations that bore and disengage users, with MediaLoc the text will read as if it was written in that language and will keep your users interested and immersed. Marketing localization that works, so you can rest easy.
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