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Your website is an important marketing tool and your shop window to the world, which allows you to reach a wide spectrum of customers and provide information and services. You have probably spent a long time perfecting its design and finding the right tone and marketing messages which will resonate most with your customers, highlighting the benefits and value of your products and services in a way which engages customers, builds trust and ultimately leads to transactions. However, have you thought that, by not using website localisation, you could be losing over half of your potential customers?

As many reports show, over 70% of Internet users do not speak English as their first language, a figure which is only expected to increase. And around 50% do not speak English at all.

In addition, 50% of customers are more likely to make a purchase in a website that is in their language, whereas 75% of users prefer not to make important purchasing decisions unless the information is presented in their own native language.

Given these statistics, it can't be denied that there is a huge potential in website localisation. Also, typically businesses can recoup the investment in localisation within weeks or even days of the translated site going live. Compared to how long it takes to break even after opening a new physical store, it is easy to see why localisation is becoming such an essential marketing strategy.



MediaLoc's website localisation services make creating a multilingual website an easy process, so you can truly communicate with your customer base in their own language. The result will be a website that conveys your message and the spirit of your company, but follows the style and tone appropriate for the target audience. Our experts can advise you on cultural issues, to make sure you hit the right note with your target markets. For instance, did you know that in Japan you are expected to finish all the food on your plate, whereas in China it would be rude to do so, as it would suggest that your host did not provide enough food? Or that you shouldn't eat with your left hand in India, as this hand is considered dirty? What about cats having seven lives instead of nine in Spain?

Cultural conventions apply to customs and habits as much as they apply to the tone and style of the text used on your website. After all, you have spent weeks, or even months, developing the website that works most effectively with your target audience, so you will want to recreate that effect in any market you may want to access. By investing in our expert services, we can help you target the content to the specific markets, realising your full potential and achieving excellent results for your business.

We can also localise additional material like content marketing, apps, infographics, reports, press releases, etc. so you can drive more traffic to your translated website and, ultimately, generate more sales.

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  •   Results for you:
  •   ✓ Expand your customer base.
  •   ✓ Penetrate new markets.
  •   ✓ Communicate with your prospects and customers more effectively.
  •   ✓ Improve user engagement.
  •   ✓ Increase your sales.
  •   ✓ Improve the image of your brand and your product/service.